Getting a green card is a lot of people’s Dream as America is a land of dreams after all isn’t it? Getting a green card gives you unlimited stay in the US as well as a working permit. And to get this green card there are several ways to apply as well as different procedures for securing a permanent resident. Due to the fact, there are lots of people applying for a green card in the United States yearly, it is very important everything you do is done appropriately to make sure you have more chances of getting approved by the USCIS.

Before we proceed, here are the benefits of a green card.

A green card gives you a lot of opportunities such as

  • You can reside anywhere in the 50 states of the USA.
  • You can leave and return to the United States.
  • You do not have to get a visa to visit some countries.
  • You can love freely in the United States
  • You can start a business and work legally to your business.
  • You have other advantages such as sponsoring your family members to the US.

There are different methods of getting a green card which include

  • Employment-based visa
  • Family-based visa
  • Visa lottery.

Green Card DV Lottery

This lottery takes place every year, where the US grants 55,000 people a visa to the country. This is considered very generous as people who can’t apply for a visa directly or have been denied several times would have a chance at it. We let you know just how to apply for a visa lottery as well as Knowing your eligibility.

To be able to qualify for this lottery, you must be from a country which is eligible to apply for this visa.

About us:

To get a visa isn’t exactly easy and we know how tough it can be. It usually involves a lot of commitment, paperwork, and stress. We help you in filing your application as it takes as little as 30 minutes. Due to the short time frame and strict instructions, you cannot afford to make mistakes.

Our immigration services help you handle just about everything you can’t do on your own. We strongly believe everyone should be given a chance to reach their full potential and we are here to help you achieve yours. If you work with us, you have more chances of getting approved than not. We give you the best service and help you chase after your American dream.


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