The green card lottery is one of the most searched visa programs in the world. It is the perfect program for individuals who dream to become residents of the US. The program was introduced in 1990 due to the immigration issues faced by the US. The program started when it was observed that some countries were struggling with the immigration process in the US. Applying for the green card lottery is a great opportunity and if selected, comes with a lot of benefits such as the chance to work and live in the US with your family and equal rights, just like any other citizen in the US.

The visa lottery is a great initiative, which is why millions of people apply for the green card lottery every year. However, not everyone is lucky enough to get the chance to win this. There are many reasons why people get rejected, some of which include: inadequate information, misspelling, and even small mistakes like that of using a capital letter. Every small detail adds up to the application decision, hence, it is important that you fill out everything correctly and with the right help.

The application and registration process is done every year and whether you’re married, single, widowed or divorced, it’s open for all. In order to avoid any error and for the application process to be smooth, we provide a team of experienced professionals who can help you with this process.

In order to apply for the green card lottery, you first need to check if your country is eligible to apply and next you need to get in touch with the embassy in your country, regarding the application process.

It is significant to note that the people granted the visa lottery are selected every year at random. Around 50,000 individuals are selected each year for the green card lottery. In order to be a part of this green card lottery, it is important that you are born in one of the countries that are eligible for this program. It is also required that you have completed two years of work experience or two years of high school education.

You can fill out the green card lottery form online, but it is important that you fill it accurately in order to avoid disqualification. It is always an excitement to way for the results, once you submit the form. Who knows, you’d be the lucky one to win the visa lottery and make your dreams come true. The eligibility of countries change frequently, therefore, it is recommended that you fill out and submit the form as soon as possible.

The green card lottery program is an amazing opportunity for individuals who live in the eligible countries, especially those who have always dreamt of living and working as a legal resident in the US. Therefore, don’t miss this opportunity of a wait to apply next year if you really want to become a green card permanent resident in the US.

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