Many people are carrying an expired green card with themselves. It is not something that you need on an everyday basis, so it is easy for it to go unnoticed. According to the law, it is mandatory for every citizen to carry a valid green card at all times. However, in reality, there is no strict vigilance over it by the US government.

An expired green card can have many consequences. Firstly, when starting a new job, the new employee needs to submit documentation and fill an I-9 application at their first employment day. Presenting an expired green card at that time can be problematic as the employers would not accept it. This will be a major problem when starting a new job. The most professional license requires a green card. So, it is completely unacceptable to keep the expired green card. Occupations including real estate agents, insurance agents, and various brokers, health care and the law must have a valid green card at all times.

Not only is it risky to travel with an expired green card outside the US but also you will have trouble buying a house or renewing your driving license can become a hassle. As a permanent US resident, you are eligible to get most home mortgages and green card plays the role of proof of your permanent resident status. The green card is also proof of legal presence.

Despite knowing the consequences of an expired green card people procrastinate to get it renewed. It is costly and the process is time-consuming. It takes 5-6 months to get your green card renewed. At this time of urgency, green card organization is here to make your life simple. We provide you services like free eligibility test which can quickly determine if you are eligible for lottery participation. We also offer amazing customer service. You are easily connected to service representatives through email, live chat, and call.

Why you should choose us? There are many companies offering similar services, but you should choose for numerous reasons. we assist you in filling your application at every step and guarantee you error free applications. We provide guidance to you at any point in time via email and as well as call. We also offer a personalized account on our website. The challenge that most people face while filling application for green cards is that there is no standard procedure or documentation that everyone requires. The application of each candidate varies and documentation and everything needs to be done accordingly. But you need to worry we will be there to help. There is also the option of automatic status updates, information and more for the convenience of people. Lastly, we provide professional immigration consultation which ensures that there are more chances of your application being approved.

Expired green card travel is risky inside the US and outside the US. It is dangerous. This risk is totally avoidable then why go through it. So be diligent in keeping your green card updated with greencardorganization.


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