After five years in the United States, permanent residents who can speak and read English can apply to be a citizen of the United States of America, they will be required to pass an examination based on aspects of the US Government and history. Green card citizenship is worth considering as a permanent resident after five years since it provides additional benefits that green card holders cannot access. The process may seem as simple as filling a form but it has different variations that may make the process lengthy and costly. It is always recommended to have professional guidance before considering to apply.

To file for citizenship, you will be required to submit a USCIS form called N-400, this has to be done by email. The USCIS will take a long time to process your N-400, arrange for you to be fingerprinted and call in for the interview where it actually reviews your application, tests you on your English and US government knowledge, and makes a decision whether it is to approve or deny you. Although most people have to wait five years to apply for naturalized US citizenship after obtaining their green card, there are important exceptions.

An immigration expert with legal knowledge is beneficial in guiding cases through exceptional processes. There are many cases that don’t have to go through the five-year process. Professionals can help determine which case scenario fits best and help avoid errors that may be more time consuming to rectify


90 Days Exception

You may actually submit the application for naturalization in the United States despite the requirement of five years of permanent residence. Within 90 days of your five-year anniversary, with Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) 90 days form.


Married to a U.S citizen

During the green card period If you are permanent (or conditional) married and living with a U.S. citizen, you must wait only three years to apply for U.S. citizenship. You will need to provide evidence that you are qualified to apply. In circumstances, you have got a green card from your employer, and soon after, you would have married a US citizen and still only have to wait three years for citizenship from your marriage date on. Unfortunately, if your spouse dies before your naturalization interview, you will also lose exception.


Refugee Status

You can use the date you entered the USA as the beginning of your permanent residence if you received refugee status while in the rest of the country. Regardless of how many years you spent living as a refugee in the United States before eventually becoming a permanent living citizen, these years count as a permanent resident throughout.


Overseas Jobs

You may apply for citizenship without a permanent residence for five years if your spouse has a job requiring both of you to be abroad. You may file your application any time you receive your permanent residence if you are willing to go back to the United States to apply. Who can use this provision has a number of limitations. Due to your spouse’s employment, you must be regularly stationed abroad. You must also declare your intention to live in the USA when the employment of your spouse ends. Although you have spent time on a green card, you may have to wait longer before applying for US citizenship.

Immigration experts are updated with any new emerging policies that may be beneficial to individuals seeking to apply for citizenships within the US. This makes the process smoother and more efficient


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