Once again the US green card lottery program is about to give an opportunity to a number of persons who want to share in the American dream. In the event that you want to be a partaker of this life-changing program, it is recommended that you stay aware of the green card lottery deadline. Since you don’t want to miss your opportunity to become a permanent resident of the United States. If you miss the green card lottery deadline this year, you’ll have to wait until next year to have another opportunity to submit your application for the green card lottery.

There are many benefits to meeting the green card lottery deadline. Clearly, you’ll have an opportunity to go head to head with other contenders for a chance to live in the United States for all time. So what’s the green card lottery deadline for this year?

Deadline for the next green card lottery program

The door of opportunity to get a permanent residence card that will allow you to live and share in the American dream opens once every year. Each time this opportunity arises; a great many people get the chance to win a green card. In spite of the fact that the US government have not declared the opening and closing date of this year’s diversity visa lottery program, it is almost expected that it would fall within the timeframe of the previous green card lottery programs. In the past, the United States diversity visa lottery was opened for registration from the first week of October and the deadline was scheduled for the first weeks of the subsequent month. In light of this fact, it is expected that the next divert visa program or the green card lottery program would open in early October. Even though it is not certain yet, it is also expected that the green card lottery deadline will almost certainly be scheduled for the following month – early November.

Steps to take to boost your chances of winning a green card

When it comes to the United States visa lottery program everybody has an equal chance of winning. That is if they satisfy every participation requirements of the green card lottery program. The process, in general, is straightforward. Which implies that you can handle it by yourself without help. On the other hand, you may get lost trying to figure out every detail on the form. For something as important as a life-changing opportunity to become a resident of the united states of America, a single mistake is one too many. In fact, one mistake on your registration form can disqualify you from the green card lottery program of this year. In other words, you’ll have to wait another year to do what could have been easily avoided this year – if only you had a competent professional with you. A well-experienced green card lottery professional will have the know-how to successfully fill out your registration form without mistakes.

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