Are you a green card holder wondering how to obtain citizenship after green card? We are here to help you out throughout the process.

How to apply for citizenship after green card

To apply for citizenship after a green card, one is required to go through the naturalization process. You might wonder what the naturalization process is. This refers to the act of not-U.S citizens whereby they voluntarily strive to become American citizens. As an American citizen, you have to pledge allegiance to the country. As a citizen, you are then entitled to the protection of your rights and responsibilities.

To get citizenship after green card, you must have your green card for at least five years. However, if you already have a spouse who is a US citizen, you must have a green card for at least three years.

Other eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Being at least 18 years of age when applying for citizenship
  • Being a person with good moral standing and character
  • Capable of reading, writing and speaking in basic English

To apply for citizenship, you will have to apply for naturalization, take a test and then have a personal interview.

Why shouldn’t you do it all on your own?

You might decide to apply for citizenship after a green card on your own. While there is nothing wrong with doing it all by yourself, know that the chances of making mistakes increases when you don’t seek professional help. This is because green card and naturalization forms alike tend to be very comprehensive and lengthy. Paying attention to all the minute details can be hard. Since mistakes tend to make you disqualified, it is better to seek professional services when applying for citizenship or green cards.

What we offer

If you avail our services, here is what you can benefit from:

•    Excellent customer service

Our friendly customer service is here to answer all your queries regarding the green card and citizenship application process. You are bound to find our 24/7 active customer support to be a source of guidance throughout the process.

•    We fill your application

Rather than merely guiding you through the process, we make a point of taking a proactive role in your application. We fill your green card application by ourselves, keeping in mind the need for various details. We make sure not to make any mistakes or miss out on any information. This ensures that you don’t get disqualified from the lottery.

•    We prepare you for the interview

Whether it be the green card application process or the naturalization stage, you will have to give interviews regardless. Now, interviews can be daunting. Not to mention that a lot of people fail to pass this stage. This is why we make a point of preparing our clients for this stage.


Use our services when applying for citizenship after a green card. We are here to facilitate you through it all.


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