Do you wish to apply for a green card? Obtaining a green card is not as easy as it may seem. The process is long and rigorous. This is why you need the best service on board to help you out with the various procedures.

Benefits of obtaining a green card

Are you happy with your current status of being a visitor? Well, here are the benefits you can realize if you obtain a green card instead.

  • It opens the door for better job opportunities.
  • You can enter and leave the country without worrying about being denied re-entry.
  • You won’t have to rely on employer sponsorship to work in the country.
  • A green card is the first step towards applying for permanent citizenship of the country.
  • Green card holders can apply for government-sponsored aid for education, thereby alleviating the rising cost of college.
  • Green cards allow you to stay in the country even if you lose your job or finish your education.
  • You can become the sponsor of your family members who can help them in gaining permanent status in the country as well.
  • You can start your own company in the country.
  • While temporary permits are subjected to immigration rules, green cards are not.

Our role in obtaining a green card

Here is what our service delivers to all those who are on the road to obtaining a green card.

Free eligibility test

You can go through the entire hassle of applying for a green card only to realize in the end that you are not eligible for the lottery, to begin with. This process can get very frustrating. This is why we offer a free eligibility test to all of our customers. This makes sure that you don’t waste time if obtaining a green card is impossible for you.

Filling green card forms

We know what you are thinking. Surely you are capable of filling green card forms by yourself? While you can always do registration on your own, the chances are that if you do, you will get lost. This is because green card forms are pervasive. You must pay attention to a plethora of things when filling it. One mistake and you get disqualified. And that too for a year! To ensure that this doesn’t happen, we help our customers by filling their green card meticulously and carefully.

Preparing for interviews

Once you get selected for the green card, you will have to go through a strenuous interview. A lot of people are denied green cards based on their performance in the interview. This is why we make sure to prepare you for it. Our mock interviews will allow you to get an idea of what to expect during your interview and how to shape your answers effectively.


Get us onboard and allow us to make obtaining a green card the smoothest process ever for you. You are bound to appreciate our swift customer service and guidance.


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