A green card is also referred to as a permanent resident card and gives official US immigration status. So, you are permanently able to live and work in the US. If English is not your main language, the steps to get a green card may be frustrating to understand. Even when English is your main language, it can still be overwhelming to understand government laws or legal terms. This is it is important to examine the steps for a layman’s green card to better explain what can be a very intimidating process.


When applying for a green card, it is always recommended to get help from a person who is well versed in immigration law. If your application has a slightest error it can lead to an unnecessary denial or extension of the application process. With a professional inspection and assistance with your application, your application process can be accelerated and unnecessary grievances regarding mistakes made when submitting your application can be resolved.



For the first strep, it’s important to determine if you can qualify for a permanent residence when you receive your Green Card. If a candidate falls under the category of getting sponsored by a United States family member, get the right to asylum or refugee, get sponsored by a United States company or receive a green card as special immigration. They can apply. Once you have established your green card eligibility and your immigrant request is approved you will need to determine which application process is required to complete to receive your green card. If you already live in or stay in the US, you will need to apply for a status adjustment with USCIS. An immigration lawyer can help determine this.



To submit an application to register for immigration or adjust your status in the United States of America, you need to request someone from the USCIS who will file your immigrant request. The request needed to be filed through a sponsorship, company or family member in the united states. In order to move to the next phase, the request for immigrants should be approved by USCIS AND a visa in the category you apply must be available.




Once the application is processed, you will be scheduled for a biometrics appointment. People are informed of the appointment by mail and confirm the appointment day and time and a place near to report the appointment. They’ll get your fingerprints taken at this meeting, take a picture and signature. Required information will be used to confirm your identity and to thoroughly examine whether there are external factors which may lead to a denial of residence. For individuals who reside outside the USA, a biometrical appointment will be treated differently. They will need to submit the fingerprint cards officially and with their application along with two passport style photos.



The USCIS will arrange an interview with after they have checked out your application and taken your biometrics. At the time of the interview, you will not necessarily be approved and denied permanent residence. It does not necessarily reflect the decision taken, sometimes additional information is necessary for processing an application and sometimes the process of things takes a little more time.

The steps may seem simple but they are complex and an even slight misunderstanding can cause it to delay onto years. Often forms are the basic step which many individuals fail at filling before moving onto any other steps. Seeking experts guarantees application approval and saves up for lost time caused in trial and error.


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