The United States is probably one of the most sought after countries in terms of visa applications received. Everybody wants to live and work in the land of opportunities. The only leeway to achieving this goal by any intending US immigrant is to acquire the green card. This card is known officially as the Lawful Permanent Resident Card. With this green card, an immigrant can permanently reside in the US, and also apply for any job and work without restriction in any company or establishment in the US, if they have the qualification. However, the daunting part would be to register for the green card lottery

Every year, the US Department of state sponsors green card visa lotteries in different countries, particularly those where its consular office. Many people are eager and willing to apply for the visa lottery because of their love and desire to live in the United States of America. However, whenever the lottery is open for application, these intending applicants are most of the times misinformed about how they can register for green card lottery and by so doing, miss out their opportunity to get their green and ultimately, their chance to live in the US. A proper visa application boosts the chances of having your green card. Thus, this article is designed to give you guidelines on how to properly register for the green card lottery in your country.


The US green card visa lottery is also known as the diversity visa lottery, and there are 3 steps to registering as an applicant for the US green card lottery. Here are the steps to register for the green card lottery;

Step 1

The applicant has filled up an application form online. This form will contain the applicants User Account Log-in information, contact information, applicant’s personal information, and their billing address.

Step 2

The applicant has to make his payments of the processing fee for the green card lottery. Although the green card visa lottery is free of charge, the applicant has to pay a processing fee, to enable the agents to submit their application forms and support their service plan. A service plan has to be chosen and registered by the applicant before his application will proceed to the third stage.

Step 3

The department of state would need to know about the applicant’s family, so the applicant would have to upload photos and information of their spouse and children if any.

When all the registration requirements are complied with, the applicant has higher chances of having his green card. Once you have completed the steps needed to register for green card lottery you will be handed your green card, upon your arrival in the US, and can reside permanently there.

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