Do you wish to apply for a green card to live in the USA? The process to get a green card is very straightforward yet very thorough. This is why it is important to be well-versed on it before you consider applying for it.

The process to get a green card

The process to get a green card can be divided into various categories. Each category has its own sets of steps and procedures you need to follow.

Green Card Eligibility

The first thing you must do is determine whether you are even eligible to apply for a green card, to begin with. Only then can you embark on the rest of the process to get a green card. Make sure to review the requirements for eligibility before you start filling the form.

Adjustment of Status

If you are an immigrant, you have to adjust your status to a permanent resident in an effort to get a green card. For this, you have to live in the US when filing for the green card.

Consular Processing

Another way to get a green card when you are an immigrant is to apply for consular processing. Here, you can get one when you reside in another country.

Concurrent Filing

In the process to get a green card, if you are applying through family, or employment, you will need to get a petition filed for you at the same time you apply for the green card.

Visa Availability & Priority Dates

You must have a viable visa of USA before you begin the green card application process. If you don’t have one, find out if one can be made available to you. While some visas are always accessible, others are only issued in a limited number. Here, you are given priority dates on which you get your visa.

Immigration Medical Examinations

To complete the process to get a green card, you will have to pass a medical exam. Various forms and processes are part of this exam.

What can go wrong?

While the process to get a green card seems simple, there are various things that can go wrong if you try to do it all on your own. For starters, the form is very detailed and comprehensive. If you decide to fill it without any help, you might end up missing details. This can lead your application to be disqualified from the get-go. Similarly, a lot of people fail in the interview stage because they get flustered by the process and answer wrongly.

What do we do?

Don’t worry. We have your back. Invest in our services to make the green card application process smooth and easy. We offer:

  • Precise filling of your forms to ensure that each detail is provided correctly, thereby reducing the chance of disqualification
  • Preparing you for your interview so that you know what to expect and how to answer
  • Free eligibility test to let you know if you can apply for a green card, to begin with


Don’t let the long processes of getting a green card to bring you down. Do apply. Let us help you with it all.


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