How to apply for a transit Visa with Greencardorganization?

Transit(C) Visas are nonimmigrant visas usually issued to a citizen of a foreign country who travels in immediate and continuous transit through the United States of America. Such a person may require for this type of Visa for business travel purposes. For instance, a person may live in another country but work in the US, such a person will apply for a transit (c) visa. Our team of immigration experts at the greencardorganization makes the process easier and faster.

When to apply for a Transit (C) Visa

When a foreign citizen travels to the US with a brief layover for transit purpose. His only purpose it to transit, he cannot go for sight-seeing or visit a family.

When a foreign citizen cruising on a foreign ship as a passenger. If he/she desires to ports in the US with the intention of continuing his/her journey to the destination country. Such a foreign citizen will apply for a transit C visa.

When a crewmember travels to the US to work on the ship or aircraft, he/ she will apply for a combination C-1/D visa. Such a person only spend time on his work operations in the US.

When a foreign citizen travels immediate and continuous transit to the United Nations national headquarters as a diplomat under the United Nations. Such an individual will receive a diplomatic transit C-2 visa as a United Nations Diplomat.

You can consult our group of immigration experts at the greencardorganization for professional legal advice on the type of Visa suitable for your purpose.

Steps to applying for a transit visa with greencardorganization

Applying for a visa requires lots of steps and procedures which requires professional handling procedures to have a successful application. Greencardorganization will provide you with the required professional help and consultation all through your application stage until your goal is achieved.

Step1: Visit the website of the bureau of consular affairs and apply to fill the online nonimmigrant visa application form DS-160. Our team of immigration experts at the green card organization will guide you to provide all error-free application. Greencardorganization will make your application easier and faster.

Step 2: Pay a non-refundable application fee if you are requested to before the interview

Step 3: Correctly fill all entries on the application form. Incorrect information can lead to disqualification. Therefore, you should contact greencardorganization for help if you are not sure of any information to be supplied.

Step 4: Upload your current photo while filling the form. The photograph must be in the required format to avoid disqualification.

Step 5: Once your form is successfully completed, then click the submit button

Step 6: You will receive an application confirmation page when your application is successfully submitted and received. Make sure your print the confirmation page and bring it to your interview.

Step 7: You should schedule an appointment for your visa interview at the US Embassy or consular based in your country of residence. Our team of immigration experts is available to guide you through a successful interview until your visa will be approved.



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